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The Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces Group provides advanced, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vacuum heat treatment equipment with guaranteed process technology.  Our vacuum furnaces are used in applications for annealing, brazing, sintering, gas quench (High Pressure Gas Quenching), vacuum oil quench, vacuum carburizing and nitriding (Low Pressure Carburizing, PreNit high speed vacuum carburizing), along with a wide variety of custom engineered process technologies. SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace equipment is in operation around the world in the aerospace, power generation, tool & die, medical, machine, automotive and commercial heat treatment industries in both batch and mass production environments. 

New Technology! UniCase Master® Precision Case Hardening for High Volume Manufacturers
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SECO/WARWICK's vacuum heat treatment furnaces are available in a wide range of  configurations, load weights and sizes, equipped to meet customer's technical parameters with options and auxiliary equipment. We offer standard designs or we have the capability to engineer systems to suit specific customer’s requirements.

The product portfolio at a glance

Vector vacuum furnaces line - high pressure gas quench

  • Horizontal capacity from 200 to 2,500 kg (440 to 5,500 lbs)
  • Standard vertical sizes:  1,500 kg (3,300 lbs) and 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs)
  • Graphite and metal hot zone with maximum vacuum of 10-2–10-5/10-6 mbar
  • Quenching pressure 2 – 6 – 10 – 12 – 16 and 25 bar
  • Quenching gases N2 – Ar – He – H2
  • More than 400 completed projects
  • The best operational feautures including uniform heating and quenching, ability to harden a wide range of materials and cross-sections
  • ConFlapTM  system supporting convection heating
  • Optional equipment for vacuum carburizing technology: FineCarb® / PreNitLPC® and vacuum nitriding LPN
  • Computer control system SecoVac, operator-friendly, NADCAP procedures compliant
  • Complies with CE (for vacuum furnaces in Europe) and NFPA (for vacuum furnaces in USA)


Retort tempering vacuum furnaces - ZeroFlow® nitriding

  • Load from 200 to 2,500 kg (440 to 5,500 lbs)

  • Electric or gas heating
  • Temperature from 150 to 750oC (300 to 1400°F)
  • Quenching system with internal retort quenching and/or external quenching
  • Profiled thin-walled retort reducing heating and cooling costs
  • Optional - ZeroFlow® ­gas nitriding technology
  • Computer control system and nitriding simulator for furnaces with ZeroFlow®
  • Complies with CE and NFPA

Vacuum sintering furnaces

  • Load from 100 to 2,500 kg (220 to 5,500 lbs)
  • Quenching or process gas pressure of 2, 20, 60 or 100 bar
  • Maximum temperature of 1350, 1600 or 2200oC (2400, 2900 or 4000°F)
  • Furnaces equipped with state–of–the–art control system  
  • Furnaces for specific tasks according to customer specifications
  • Sintering of tungsten carbides (at a bonding Pressure of 60 or 100 bar)
  • Production of tools using powder metallurgy technology
  • Production of parts from stainless steel powders, including Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
  • Production of alnico alloys and magnetic materials, magnets and high alloys materials for the aviation industry
  • Production of ceramic parts
  • Annealing and degassing of metal powders 


Vacuum Carburizing - FineCarb® LPC

  • Rotary modular system with 2 – 4 – 6 or linear modular system with 2 to 8 processes chambers 
  • Double-chamber oil quench furnaces or HPGQ 20bar furnaces
  • Equipment for vacuum carburizing technology FineCarb® and prenitriding PreNit LPC® to reduce grain growth in high temperatures
  • Load to 1200 kg (2,640 pounds)
  • Designed for mass production of drive systems
  • Nozzle quenching system, zone quenching
  • Minimizing hardening distortions also with a gradual cooling system
  • Computer control system and SimVac (SimCarbTM + SimHard PlusTM) process simulators
  • Complies with CE and NFPA

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Coating of heat-resistant elements of gas turbines

Pack-Slurry Coating | VaporPhase Aluminizing (VPA) | Vapor Phase Chromizing (VPC) | Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) | FIC Furnace System

Coating Furnace System:

  • Electrically heated furnaces
  • Reaction chamber – retort
  • Vacuum system-hydrogen and argon delivery system
  • Halide gas for CVD
  • Gaseous HF delivery system for FIC
  • Fume neutralization system (scruber or bubbler)
  • Fixtures parts or coating box(s)
  • Gas cabinets & delivery systems

Custom engineered vacuum furnaces and technologies 

  • Maximum 10-7 mbar | 2300oC (4,200°F)
  • Load from 50 to 10,000 kg (100 to 22,000 lbs)
  • Special Oil Quench and Special HPQG Furnaces
  • Single-chamber furnaces, continuous process and modular furnaces
  • Various applications for heat treatment, brazing, sintering, etc.      
PreNitLPC A pre-nitriding option for low pressure carburizing, PreNitLPC broadens the applications for LPC Vacuum Carburizing by utilizing higher carburizing temperatures. PreNitLPC is a modern, fast and economical addition to our standard low pressure carburizing system that enhances the process by significantly reducing cycle times.
CaseMaster Evolution Vacuum Oil and Gas Quench Furnace Unique technology uses high temperature and low pressure carburizing to replace conventional sealed quench furnaces by achieving shorter cycle times and higher production rates
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  • Product materials
  • CaseMaster Evolution Advanced technology uses high temperature and low pressure carburizing to replace conventional sealed quench furnaces by achieving shorter cycle times and higher production rates
  • Compact Vacuum Furnace High pressure gas quench 15 bar with controled and isothermal cooling (interrupted quench, austempering, martempering). Made in SECO/WARWICK Retech in China.
  • GraphMaster CVD reactors for large format graphene production
  • High Pressure Gas Quench Vacuum furnaces equipped for 2-10-15-25 bar; N2, Ar or He gas quench
  • High Vacuum Furnaces Systems with shorter cycle times, increased throughput and precise process monitoring
  • PreNitLPC® Technology High Speed Vacuum Carburizing - Increases productivity by reducing cycle time
  • UniCase Master® Precision Case Hardening for High-Volume Manufacturers
  • Vacuum Furnace Systems Complete family of vacuum heat treatment equipment
  • Vacuum Purge Retort Tempering Furnaces Shorter cycles, increased production output and precise process control
  • Vacuum Sintering Furnaces Wide range of applications, short cycle times, low cost of operation, environmentally friendly
  • VECTOR Vacuum Furnace Line Value-added modular design with guaranteed quality and repeatable process results