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Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) of Aluminum

Using a noncorrosive flux, is the preferred process for manufacturing aluminum heat exchangers in the automotive industry. Due to the unique process benefits, the CAB process is rapidly finding new applications in industrial, power plant and HVAC manufacturing. Since entering this field in 1983, SECO/WARWICK has led the development of advanced technology in the continuous flow brazing process.  

We offer a wide variety of solutions for all types of industrial heat exchangers manufactured in long-run, medium-run or individual short run production.  We have the engineering expertise to custom design equipment to enable our customers to perfect their process specifications with choices such as vacuum purge instead of nitrogen flooding for complex microchannel designs along with multiple product handling methods and configurations.

SECO/WARWICK has a complete line of furnace choices including radiation, convection, convection-radiation combinations, Active Only® indexing, and Universal™ batch units that are provided with the related equipment to complete the process:  thermal degreaser, fluxer, dry-off oven, air quality and cleaning.

The following furnace designs are available to produce a variety of parts in large or small volume production runs:

  • Production lines incorporating radiation furnaces, convection/radiation furnaces and convection furnaces designs are used for continuous operating systems
  • Active Only semi-continuous, or indexing systems work well in short-run production
  • Universal batch (2 chamber) furnaces are ideal for brazing in both horizontal and vertically oriented positions; optional vacuum purging reduces nitrogen consumption and improves atmosphere integrity
  • Single chamber, batch furnaces equipped with vacuum purging are in use for heat exchanger prototypes, R&D and applications that require the greatest economy

We have successfully developed specialized equipment for applying CAB technology in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry and in CO2 emissions control programs for electric companies.

Learn more about our newly developed Universal CAB Batch Furnace.

The Universal CAB Batch Furnace is designed to braze the widest variety of heat exchangers in BOTH horizontal and vertical positions. This furnace is designed for the aftermarket and low volume production requirements while allowing a large variety of different heat exchanger types and sizes to be brazed while maintaining the highest process parameters. The furnace can operate on a part time basis and allows for variable heating and cooling rates, depending on the product requirements. The following video will demonstrate the functionality and general operation of the SECO/WARWICK Universal CAB Batch Furnace.

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SECO/WARWICK is committed to ongoing improvement in equipment design and works closely with major users to help them achieve lower operating costs and improve system efficiency. We also renovate industrial equipment already in operation, providing technical upgrades, re-location and aftermarket services. SECO/WARWICK is a single source for replacement parts including muffles, alloy mesh belts and bayonet heating elements along with individual components and control systems.

For more information on NOCOLOK® flux brazing from Solvay , follow this link to their blog, Aluminium Brazing; News, Knowledge & Technology


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