• Aluminium Process Vortex 2
  • Aluminium Process Homogenizing
  • Aluminium Process Plate aging for aerospace
  • Aluminium Process VertiQuench
  • Aluminium Processfor Alluminium alloy tubes wires in soft tempers

SECO/WARWICK Aluminium Furnaces are  in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide.

For primary and secondary Aluminum production as well down stream processes to deliver the semi-finished or finished products for aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical industries, marine applications, defense & arming usages, telecommunication and electronics.


Aluminum  batch and continuous homogenizing furnaces for extrusion billets and logs are used at primary aluminum smelters and secondary remelting plants and foundries of wrought alloys.

Preheating furnaces for hot processes are applied for hot rolling of aluminum alloy slabs and hot forging of parts & components.

Sow Preheating/Drying systems add a higher degree of safety for primary and secondary aluminum melting/re-melting facilities.

Annealing  Furnaces are the essential equipment for the heat treatment of flat rolled products: plates, sheets, coils and foils.

Reverb melting furnaces are used for melting primary aluminum T-bars and ingots, as well as sows and alloy scrap along with master alloys to create certain alloys of dedicated chemical composition. Melting is followed by holding operation realized in holding furnaces prior to casting. 

Solution heat treat and aging furnaces systems are designed for solution heat treatment (quenching) and precipitation hardening by artificial aging to obtain final mechanical properties of manufactured extrusions, plates, sheets, forgings and castings.

 The product portfolio at a glance:

  • Coil and foil annealing furnaces
  • Vortex Jet Flow technology for coils
  • Sow Preheating/Drying systems for primary and secondary aluminum producers
  • Billet and log homogenizing furnaces: batch and continuous
  • Ingot and slab preheat and homogenizing systems: batch and continuous
  • Plate and sheet aging and annealing furnaces
  • Soaking pit furnaces
  • Roller hearth solution heat treatment
  • VertiQuench drop bottom solution heat treatment
  • Batch and continuous solution heat treating 
  • Vertical tower quenching furnaces
  • Age ovens
  • Stationary and tilting reverb melting and holding furances
  • Tilting barrel furnaces
  • Rotary furnaces
  • Air and water quench systems
  • Material handling systems
  • Automated control systems
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