SECO/WARWICK GROUP is a leading global manufacturer of heat processing furnaces and equipment

Expertise includes end to end heat treatment solutions in five categories: vacuum heat treatmentatmosphere heat treatmentcontrolled atmosphere brazing of aluminum heat exchangersmeltingholding, and thermal processing of aluminum; and vacuum metallurgy. SECO/WARWICK Group has ten companies located on three continents with customers in nearly 70 countries. The company provides standard or customized state-of-the-art heat processing equipment to forward-thinking companies in the following industries: automotive; aerospace; powder metallurgy; electronics; energy including nuclear, wind, oil & gas, and solar; machinery; tooling; medical; steel; titanium; general industrial; as well as aluminum and aluminum recycling.

SECO/WARWICK: Invention Meets Reliability.

SECOWARWICK Group Overview The SECO/WARWICK Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat processing furnaces and a technology leader
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